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Esbit Multiplikator Stefan von go_outside_official mit Dorsch beim Hochseeangeln

Fishing for Beginners: Stefan Shares Tips, Experiences and the Joy of the Hobby

As a passionate angler, Stefan talked to us about his experiences and tips. What advice can Stefan give to angler beginners? And much more…

Esbit Topf aus Edelstahl, 1100ml mit kleinem Taschenkocher beim Kochen im Winter

Winter camping: How to succeed in outdoor cooking

Read on to find out what’s important when cooking in the cold season and which Esbit outdoor gear is best suited.
Esbit SCULPTOR isolierte Trinkflasche in Rot 750 ml in weihnachtlichem Ilex

Creative Christmas gifts for time in nature

At Christmas we like to give the gift of time together. There are creative gifts under the Christmas tree that underline our passion for nature.

Etepetete-box mit dreibeiniger Karotte, Esbit

Smart meal prepping for outdoor adventures

How to preserve fruits and vegetables for the next trip. Together with etepetete we have collected a few smart meal prepping tips and recipes for your next adventure.
Frau schöpft eine Kugel Eis aus dem MAJORIS Thermobehälter in Edelstahl

Homemade ice cream collection: Ready to savor on-the-go coolness

Are you ready for a cool taste explosion? Today we're diving into the wonderful world of nice creams, sorbets and other vegan, homemade ice cream flavors!
Esbit Frau auf dem Fahrrad am Strand

From Cologne to Porto by bike

Tina from @free_venture in an interview about her solo tour - She wants to ride her gravel bike from Cologne to Porto alone. That's around 2,600 km in 10 weeks.

Esbit BBQ Blumenkohl-Grill-Spieß

Outdoor BBQ: recipes and ideas

Our folding charcoal grill is perfect for outdoor BBQs. Discover delicious BBQ recipes with vegetables from etepetete vegetable boxes.
Esbit isolierte Trinkflasche in grün, 750 ml mit Eistee beim Picknick

Infused drinks – the refreshment for the summer

Refreshment on the go: Infused drinks! Fruits, herbs and spices give your water a special touch. Easy to prepare & ideal for summer.
Esbit Mehrweg-Holzkohlegrill aus Edelstahl beim Campen

We are ready for the festival season

Experience live bands, favorite music and unforgettable moments at upcoming festivals - with homemade food.
Esbit MAJORIS Thermobehälter in Edelstahl, 400 ml auf Schreibtisch

ChatGPT in interview: What’s in store for the outdoor industry?

Discover the outdoor trends - ChatGPT in an interview with Esbit. From sustainability to vanlife!
Esbit Spirituskocher mit Wärmetauscher aus hartanodisiertem Aluminium 2350 ml beim Kochen von One-Pot-Pasta

Heading for the next big adventure with our one-pot-pasta-recipe

Discover outdoor cuisine with the CS2350WN: Uncomplicated one-pot pasta for up to 4 people. Cooking fun with a practical alcohol cooking set with heat exchanger!
Esbit Topf aus hartanodisiertem Aluminium, 1200 ml im Rucksack

On to the next backpacking tour

Discover the best Esbit tips for backpacking! Find out how to optimally distribute the weight and save space.