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Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets
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Esbit Solid Fuel

Our solid fuel is part of our brand DNA. Because it is one of our classic products. The brand name Esbit also goes back to the solid fuel. It is short for "Erich Schumm's solid fuel in tablet form". Erich Schumm was a German entrepreneur and inventor of Esbit.

Solid fuel - also known as Esbit - consists of a special mixture of mainly methenamine and wax and is pressed into tablet form under high pressure. It is also so popular because you can use it in many different ways. For example, it also burns at high altitudes and at sub-zero temperatures.

Solid fuel is suitable for cooking food and water on the go - for preparing trekking food, for example. We offer various tablet sizes in our range, which have a burning time of 5 - 15 minutes depending on the version. With the exception of the 4 g tablets, all fuel tablets are packed in waterproof packaging.

Another advantage of solid fuel is that it is easy to ignite and does not produce any visible smoke. It is also light and compact - ideal for tours where every gram counts. Esbit fuel is popular with hikers as well as for bushcrafting.

We also offer stoves and cooksets for our solid fuel that are designed specifically for use with solid fuel. Take a look at our YouTube channel for more information about our range.