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Esbit Pocket Stove · incl. Solid Fuel Tablets
20 x 4 g 16 x 5 g 6 x 14 g 12 x 14 g 2 x 27 g
Electrolytic galvanized steel

Esbit Pocket Stoves

In addition to the solid fuel, our Esbit pocket stoves are also one of our brand's product classics. The principle is simple and practical: you can easily set it up and it is ready for use in no time. You can also store the matching solid fuel inside for transport. The Esbit stove has a particularly compact size that would also fit in your pocket when you're on the move.

Our Esbit pocket stoves are made of electrolytically galvanized steel. This means they are robust and ready for outdoor use. It is a good part of your equipment, especially if you are on longer hikes or tours where every gram counts. Because you can use it in a variety of ways: The Esbit stove is suitable for camping pots, pans and cups.

Esbit pocket stoves are also popular for use in bushcrafting. Solid fuel burns silently and without visible smoke. It has a high calorific value. You can use it on the go to boil food or water. But the Esbit stove is also suitable as a back-up solution in an emergency backpack.

In addition to Esbit pocket stoves, our range also includes cooksets for the use with solid fuel. Please take a look here to see all the products for the use with solid fuel. You can also find more information about our range on our YouTube channel.