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Cooking with Alcohol Burner

In addition to solid fuel cooksets, our range also includes many products for cooking with an alcohol burner. These include cooksets in different sizes and the brass alcohol burner itself. You often have the choice between two pot materials for the cooksets - 18/8 stainless steel or hard anodized aluminium.

Cooking with alcohol is particularly practical if you need a longer cooking time. This is because the alcohol burner burns for up to 30 minutes with a 70 ml filling. The burner is included with all alcohol cooksets and is particularly practical. For example, it is leak-proof and has a folding handle to regulate or extinguish the flame.

Easy on the go: To make cooking with alcohol particularly convenient when travelling, our cooksets are designed to be particularly compact and lightweight. For example, they have foldable handles. The cookset stand can also be stowed away in the pot for transport.

You can also optimise cooking with alcohol with a few tips. For example, you can add a little water to the burner at a ratio of 9:1 to minimise soot formation. On cold days, you should also bear in mind that methylated alcohol is more difficult to ignite. However, it helps if you carry the alcohol burner close to your body when travelling. Because then it won't cool down due to your body temperature. You can also find out more about our range on our YouTube channel.