Ein Dreier-Riegel 14 Gramm Trockenbrennstoff-Tabletten liegt auf dem geschlossenen großen Taschenkocher.

Esbit solid fuel.
Made in Germany.

Quick and easy cooking on the go.

Mann hält den Edelstahl-Topf PT625ST in der Hand und steht an einem Lagerfeuer.

Hungry for

Find the right outdoor equipment!

Zwei Männer essen unterwegs an einem Holztisch aus ihren SCULPTOR Thermobehältern in Grau und Gelb.

The strengthening
always at hand -

with our insulated food jugs.

Mann trinkt Wasser aus der SCULPTOR Trinkflasche in der Abenddämmerung.

quench thirst -

with our stainless steel drinking bottles.

Esbit products - for strengthening on the go

Whether it's ready to eat on the move or freshly prepared in the great outdoors, you'll find everything you need for eating on the go in our range. We are best known for our many years of experience in the outdoor sector. But you can also use our drinking bottles and food jugs for everyday use.

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