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Esbit Camping Cutlery made of Titanium

We offer Esbit camping cutlery made of titanium for on the go. Because the ultra-light material makes them a pleasant companion when you're on the go. Whether on the way to a picnic, on challenging hikes or on your next camping trip - you can use our titanium cutlery in a variety of ways.

With Esbit camping cutlery you can choose between multi-piece cutlery sets, folding camping cutlery and our long spoon, with which you can eat from deep jugs. This is also practical, for example, if you are travelling with our insulated food jugs and want to eat directly from them.

The foldable Esbit camping cutlery has a particularly compact pack size. It is available both as a spoon and as a 2-in-1 fork & spoon. Cutlery sets consist of a fork, spoon and knife. To ensure that the individual parts stay together on the go, the TC4-TI has a silicone cuff and the TC3TI has a carabiner.

When designing our Esbit camping cutlery, in addition to weight, good functionality is also important to us. The spoon depth of the cutlery is designed so that you can also use it to eat soup or porridge, for example. The mouthpieces are polished. The cutting surface of the knives is also fine-toothed.

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