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Esbit Cooksets with Alcohol Burner

You can choose between a variety of Esbit alcohol burner cooksets for your outdoor kitchen. The cooksets are particularly suitable for use if you want to heat larger portions or if you need a longer cooking time. You have the choice between different sizes and pot materials (18/8 stainless steel or hard anodized aluminum).

We have developed our Esbit cooksets with alcohol burner to be as compact and light as possible for on the go. For example, cooksets have a small pack size because you can put the stand and the pot inside each other and the handles are foldable.

A particular vertasile Esbit alcohol burner is the cookset with heat exchanger. Because it includes two pots, a pan and other accessories. The heat exchanger on the bottom of the pots allows the contents to be heated even faster. This saves you time and fuel. It is ideal if you are traveling together with someone.

Our brass alcohol burner is included with all Esbit alcohol cooksets. It is 100 % leak-proof. It also has a practical folding handle. This allows you to regulate or extinguish the flame of the burner. A 70 ml filling of the burner is enough for a burning time of up to 30 minutes. So there's enough time not only to heat up a meal on the go, but also to prepare it with fresh ingredients.

Are you still looking for recipe ideas for your next tour with your Esbit cookset with alcohol burner? Then take a look at our adventure blog. You can also find more information about our range on our YouTube channel.