Shared adventures - The perfect christmas gift

At Christmas, we like to give the gift of joint time. There will be creative gifts under the Christmas tree that underline our passion for nature. To give you some inspiration, we've put together our best Christmas gift ideas for you.

Imagine experiencing an extraordinary adventure. It wouldn't be the same without the right company, with whom you'll fondly reminisce for years to come, right? That's why shared activities are ideal Christmas gifts because they create unique memories. Whether it's a hike in the forest, a picnic by the lake, or a day in the midst of nature - no matter what, it's the time spent together that matters. So, let our gift ideas for nature lovers inspire you.

Christmas gift idea 1: A shared day trip in nature

Even a shared day trip can turn into a small adventure. Perhaps the destination won't be revealed as a surprise, or you embark on a new path together. Taking conscious time for calmness and nature makes the day trip a special Christmas gift. Whether it's a stroll in the nearby forest or a hike on an exciting trail, you can plan a relaxing picnic for the perfect completion.

On the day of the tour: Pack your hiking boots, delicious snacks and maybe a camera. Embark on a green adventure. Don't forget the recipient's favorite snacks, refreshing drinks, and a cozy picnic blanket for a break along the way.

On our blog, you'll find tips on ideal snacks to take with you. Remember to pack reusable items like food jugs or water bottles to keep your food fresh and enjoy your drinks at the right temperature. You can also refill the bottles on the go. This will make the picnic a highlight to your Christmas gift for the outdoor enthusiast.

Christmas gift idea 2: A voucher for a camping weekend

For those of you seeking the full outdoor experience, a camping weekend is the perfect choice. Picture yourselves sitting together under the stars, listening to the crackling campfire and feeling nature all around you. A voucher for a camping weekend can be the ideal Christmas gift for spending quality time together. So, start researching for a suitable campsite. Many campsites are located near exciting hiking trails, vast forests, or expansive lakes. You can embark on an adventure directly from your accommodation.

A small tip: Reserve your desired campsite in advance and coordinate a weekend with the recipient. This way, you'll have the Christmas gift marked directly on the calendar and can look forward to your shared time.

Presenting the voucher: You can present the voucher in a creative way. Wrap it as a puzzle, incorporating small gadgets for the weekend together. A camping cooker, like a cookset with alcohol burner, could also hint at the gift while serving as equipment for your trip. Similarly, an outdoor cutlery set could be a reference to the upcoming camping adventure. Let your creativity run wild!


Christmas gift idea 3: An exciting rally

How about an exciting scavenger hunt or a geocaching adventure in nature? For those who like it more thrilling, a self-planned rally is the ideal Christmas gift. Plan different stations that will lead your loved ones through nature. At each station, you can hide small gifts, tasks, or messages. This not only adds fun but also brings activity and excitement to the tour. The best part: You can tailor the scavenger hunt to the recipient's interests and perhaps discover new exciting places in nature.

Planning the tour: Create a list of clues and puzzles leading to various places that are dear to you. The rally will challenge not only your puzzle-solving skills but also encourage you to experience nature more intensively and see your surroundings with new eyes. There could be additional surprises waiting at each station. For example, a leisurely break with a freshly cooked meal from a cookset with alcohol burner. Or a task: Prepare tea with ingredients from nature in a cookset with solid fuel. The tour could also conclude with a barbecue in nature. With our reusable grill, the BBQ300S, you're flexible and can host a delicious barbecue anywhere, anytime.

Here, your creativity is needed - fun and adventure are guaranteed.

Christmas gift idea 4: Explore your surroundings from the water

For those of you who love the water, a canoe or kayak tour could also be a wonderful gift. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a calmer waterway and enjoy the tranquility from a boat. Those who prefer more action can undertake a faster paddling adventure with a kayak.

Completing the Christmas gift: If you want to enhance the water tour, consider planning a break at the end or in between. With thermal products like insulated containers or insulated bottles, your snacks and drinks will stay at the right temperature throughout the day. So, everything will be at hand during breaks.

Another idea could be to present the gift along with a food jug or a vacuum insulated water bottle. This way, you're giving a lasting memory of the day - every time the products are used, they'll be reminded of the adventure and of you. It's a small but meaningful way to create special moments.

For those who still want to place a gift under the Christmas tree

Shared time is one of the most precious gifts we can give, especially to people who love nature. The Christmas gift ideas – whether it’s a day trip, a camping vacation, or a scavenger hunt – all aim to create beautiful memories.

If you still want to put a wrapped present under the tree as well as a gift card, we have a few ideas for you.

More ideas:

  • A food jug is excellent for keeping food hot or cold for a longtime. Combine it with a voucher for a shared hike or a day trip.
  • An insulated bottle allows you to take hot tea or refreshing drinks with you and enjoy them on the go. This is particularly suitable for a long hike.
  • Outdoor cutlery is essential, especially for camping trips. With a cutlery set, you’re flexible and can prepare or enjoy meals on the go.
  • For longer adventures on the road, solid fuel cooksets or cooksets with alcohol burner are suitable for heating or cooking meals. These sets round out your tour and give you independence on the go.
  • With a reusable grill, you can take your tour to a new level. With the grill, you can host a barbecue anywhere, anytime, and enhance the adventure.

We wish you lots of fun giving gifts, an unforgettable time full of adventures, and a peaceful holiday season!πŸŒ²πŸŒ„