How to preserve your fruits and vegetables for the next trip

We don’t want to miss out on delicious and fresh snacks while on the go, whether it’s hiking, trekking, or leisurely strolls by the water. Fruits and vegetables are also part of our adventure meal plan. But how can these fresh foods survive until the break, and what can be prepared in advance? Together with etepetete, we’ve gathered some smart meal prepping tips and recipes for your next outdoor adventure.

Etepetete box with three-legged carrot, Esbit

etepetete is a Munich-based start-up with a mission to rescue food. They offer various subscription-based food boxes filled with organic fruits and vegetables that wouldn’t make it to the supermarket due to their appearance and unconventional shapes. 

Get creative with outdoor meal prepping

When you’re out for an extended period, you often face the challenge of fresh foods like fruits and vegetables getting bruised in your backpack or taking up too much space. However, with a few clever ideas, you can prepare these foods in advance to make them last longer on the go.

There are numerous ways to use your food smartly and nutritiously during outdoor meal prepping. For example, turn fresh fruits into dried fruit by slicing them thinly and drying them in the oven at 50 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s important to occasionally open the oven door to let the evaporated moisture escape. These fruit chips stay fresh longer and make for a delicious on-the-go snack.

Homemade carrot chips for meal prep, Esbit


Here are some more creative ideas to try on your next adventure:

  • Bake granola bars with dried fruits, nuts, and oats. Homemade bars are filling and convenient for quick snacks on the trail – you can customize them to your taste. We like to sweeten them with honey or maple syrup, for example.
  • Prepare goodies like banana bread in advance – it’s our go-to method for using up ripe bananas or other overripe fruits. This moist treat is not only tasty but also long-lasting, making it perfect for your outdoor excursions.
  • For those who enjoy cooking in nature, bring homemade vegetable broth with salt – finely chopped vegetables stay fresh in a sealed container when kept cool for several months. So don’t hesitate to make larger portions, as it can quickly enhance your meals on the go.
  • Bake crispy vegetable chips from thinly sliced vegetables of your choice. Dehydrating them removes moisture, making the chips durable, and you can season them with spices like curry, salt, or herbs to taste. The preparation process is similar to fruit chips.
  • Cook fruit puree and bring it along for a delicious breakfast or to enhance desserts and spreads. This adds a fruity kick to your meals, and you can mix multiple fruit varieties or prepare a single fruit mousse.
 Plum jam in preparation for meal prep, Esbit


Etepetete’s organic food boxes offer you the opportunity to get creative as well. You can choose from various boxes, and their contents vary depending on the season and deliveries from organic farmers. Get inspired and try new combinations. By the way, even if you’re not planning an outdoor adventure, these meal prep recipes can help you extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables you have at home.

General tips for your outdoor meal prepping

In addition to meal prepping, there are other tricks to plan your provisions for your outdoor adventures effectively. We’ve collected the best tips to help you prepare your meals optimally and enjoy them on the go:

  • Plan your meals in advance and check your refrigerator at home to make the most of existing foods. This way, you can incorporate leftovers sensibly.
  • Consider the variety of your meals to have both small snacks and prepared dishes that provide you with enough energy.
  • Choose foods that can be easily combined to remain flexible on-site and efficiently utilize leftovers.
  • Ensure you select durable foods or make perishable products long-lasting in advance.
  • Invest in high-quality, leak-proof containers that are easy to carry and withstand outdoor conditions. This will keep your food fresh and securely packed. Insulated food jugs, for example, are ideal as they keep cold items cool and hot items hot on the go.
  • Prepare a meal for the first day in advance and transport it in a thermos container to keep it warm. A hot meal can provide you with energy, especially at the start of your journey.
  • If you pre-cook, bring spices for seasoning. Some foods, like tomatoes or pasta, absorb salt and may require additional seasoning.


Enjoy your next outdoor adventure and bon appétit! For more recipe inspiration, check out our blog. And etepetete also shares additional useful tips and specific recipes for preserving food on its blog.