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Esbit Multiplikator Stefan von go_outside_official mit Dorsch beim Hochseeangeln

Fishing for Beginners: Stefan Shares Tips, Experiences and the Joy of the Hobby

As a passionate angler, Stefan talked to us about his experiences and tips. What advice can Stefan give to angler beginners? And much more…

Esbit Topf aus Edelstahl, 1100ml mit kleinem Taschenkocher beim Kochen im Winter

Winter camping: How to succeed in outdoor cooking

Read on to find out what’s important when cooking in the cold season and which Esbit outdoor gear is best suited.
Etepetete-box mit dreibeiniger Karotte, Esbit

Smart meal prepping for outdoor adventures

How to preserve fruits and vegetables for the next trip. Together with etepetete we have collected a few smart meal prepping tips and recipes for your next adventure.
Esbit Topf aus hartanodisiertem Aluminium, 1200 ml im Rucksack

On to the next backpacking tour

Discover the best Esbit tips for backpacking! Find out how to optimally distribute the weight and save space.
Esbit MAJORIS Isolierflasche in Schwarz 750 ml im Schnee am Gipfel

6 tips on how to survive the cold better

Thanks to these tips, you don't have to miss out on your outdoor adventure even in cold temperatures.

Esbit SCULPTOR Thermobehälter in Rot 750 ml bei Pause in Natur

The Zero Waste Challenge – 10 ideas for an environmentally aware adventure

There are now a variety of actions and tips to reduce plastic consumption in everyday life. We have 10 tips to help you make your next outdoor adventure as waste-free as possible.

Esbit Mehrweg-Holzkohlegrill aus Edelstahl beim Grillen von Aubergine

It’s summer, and its barbecue time – 9 tips to make your BBQ a total success

Time to get the barbie out. Here are 9 unusual tips to help you kick off the barbecue season.
Esbit MAJORIS Trinkflasche in Grün 1000 ml bei Pause in der Natur

6 tips on how to manage to drink enough water

If you, like many others, find it difficult to achieve your water goals, we have the right challenge for you!
Esbit SCULPTOR isolierte Trinkflasche 750 ml Rot beim Wandern

Adventure unplugged: 4 tips for a phone-free outdoor experience

The smartphone has now become your indispensable companion, not only in everyday life, but also and especially on vacation? We have four tips for a cell phone-free outdoor experience.

Esbit Topf aus Edelstahl, 1600 ml mit Popcorn beim Vanlife-Kinoabend

Van life – 7 things you need to have on board

Less is more in a camper van where storage space is limited. For a pleasant road trip, we recommend 7 essential companions for your next van life adventure.