Drinking enough water is not only important, it’s also vital for your body – after, your body is nearly 70% water. You probably know that already… But even though it sounds easy, it can often be challenging in everyday life – how often have you realised in the evening that once again you’ve failed to drink the recommended 1.5 – 2 litres (German Nutrition Society)? If, like many others, you too find it difficult to reach your goals, we’ve come up with the right challenge for you! So go for it – and try the following tips to make sure you keep your water stores properly topped up all the time:

 Esbit MAJORIS drinking bottle in green 1000 ml for a break in nature

1. Always keep a glass of water within easy reach!

Whether it’s at home or in the office, you should always have a glass of water in sight. The point to emphasise here is “in sight”, because if the glass is right in front of you, you’ll automatically reach for it more often.

2. Keep your supply topped up!

Your new routine: As soon as the glass of water is empty, fill it back up again. Your motto should be: After this glass is before the next glass.

3. Bring your own bottle!

What works at home works when you’re out and about too. So from now on, never leave the house without a water bottle. We recommend that you have your own water bottle, ideally a stainless steel one, with you at all times. That way, you’re doing something for nature as well as for you. Esbit offers an excellent selection. To make sure it doesn’t get too heavy, you should pack a fairly small bottle and keep topping up when you’re out.

 Esbit SCULPTOR drinking bottle in black 1000 ml when refilling at the river


4. Make drinking a routine!

The advantage of routines is that at some point they just become part of you and then you no longer have to think consciously about when to drink. So for example, you should always drink a large glass of water immediately you get up. Then you’ve achieved your first target before you’ve even cleaned your teeth. You could also make it a habit to drink a large glass of water before every meal. This is also good for the digestion and makes you feel full up too– so it’s a win-win-win situation.

5. Variety is the spice of life!

You’re getting fed up of all this water just reading this? Then get creative and refine your water experience. Water goes with all sorts of different ingredients: You can pimp it up with herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme or basil, for example, or add fruit and berries. A splash of lemon always adds a fresh zing, of course.

 Esbit SCULPTOR drinking bottle in blue 1000 ml when hiking in the mountains


6. Go for the challenge!

Do you know someone else who could do with a bit of drinking training? Get hold of a partner and do the challenge together. Comparing results will spur you on to be more ambitious in setting your water goals. If you’d like to make it all more professional, there are various apps available to help you remember and track your regular water consumption. It’s perfect for measuring your results against your partner’s.