Stefan from go_outside_official Discusses Fishing

In early 2023, we were delighted to collaborate with Stefan from go_outside_official on Instagram. On his channel, he shares everything about bushcrafting, other outdoor activities and you can often catch him fishing. As a passionate angler, he talked to us about his experiences and tips. What advice does Stefan have for beginner anglers? Where would he like to cast his line? What fishing equipment does he use? Stefan reveals all this in the interview.

Esbit multiplier Stefan from go_outside_official in nature

Esbit: Stefan, how did you get into fishing?

Stefan: I have always enjoyed spending time in nature, whether it’s hiking, crossing the Alps, or just taking walks in my hometown. In 2015, a friend asked me if I wanted to accompany him for pike fishing. After that trip, I got hooked on fishing, and I obtained my fishing license. It’s just fun and a wonderful balance to my work. It helps clear the mind and spend time in nature.

Now, I go fishing regularly, at least twice a month, for about 5 to 6 hours each time.

Esbit: That sounds like a great hobby! Can you tell us about your most impressive fishing vacation or the catch that fascinated you the most?

Stefan: Absolutely, that was in Mikkelvik in northern Norway. In August 2021, I was there for the first time, and at the beginning, I didn’t quite figure out how to approach big fish during deep-sea fishing, especially in Norway. But then, during the trip, it finally clicked. I stopped dragging the bait over the ground and instead fished about 5-10 meters above the ground. This prevents snags and attracts fish.

I pulled a cod with an impressive length of 1.12 meters and a weight of 14 kilograms from the sea. And on the last day, I was able to make another big catch: I caught my first halibut, measuring 96 centimeters in length and weighing twelve kilograms!

Esbit Multiplier Stefan from go_outside_official with cod while deep sea fishing

Esbit: What a success story! Is there a fishing goal or a specific fish species that you absolutely want to catch? And if so, why?

Stefan: I would love to go fishing in Florida. There is a special fish species called the “Peacock Bass,” from the cichlid family. This fish species can reach a size of up to 58 centimeters and a weight of 4.4 kilograms. I would like to catch it, not only because of its impressive size but especially because of its appearance. The Peacock Bass is very colorful and strong – just a beautiful fish.

Esbit: That sounds super interesting. Let’s go back to local waters  – when you think of regional fishing spots or waters, which ones can you recommend?

Stefan: I’m from near Magdeburg, so I often fish at the Elbe. In this river, there is a large population of pike-perch. I can definitely recommend fishing there. Once you get the hang of it, you can make really good catches. Additionally, in the region, there is a nature reserve called Kreuz Horst. There, I caught my first pike, which is something special in this area and water.

Esbit: Can you recommend specific fishing spots or waters for beginners?

Stefan: I would advise everyone to join a fishing club. There, you always have a diverse selection of waters, and you can benefit from the experiences of other anglers. I am a member of the fishing club in Burg, with the “Kugelfische” which translate to “The Blowfishes”. This gives me access to a variety of waters in the Burg area and surroundings.

About 80% of the waters belong to the German Fishing Association, the DAV, for which I don’t need additional fishing permits.

Esbit: Learning from experiences – a good keyword. You share your experiences on Instagram and YouTube. Where do you get your inspiration?

Stefan:. I get inspired by Instagram and YouTube. As a fishing enthusiast, I want to stay up to date and enjoy learning new methods. I often watch videos, take notes on tips, and then try them out myself. The last tip I implemented is using a 1mm thick fluorocarbon instead of a steel leader when pike fishing. It’s almost invisible in the water – this way, the fish bite better.

For beginners in fishing, I recommend initially going out with experienced anglers to observe their techniques and benefit from their experience. This often results in a high catch frequency, making it easier for beginners to get started.

Esbit: That sounds fascinating. On the topic of “Fishing for Beginners”: What basic equipment should absolute beginners have with them when fishing and why are these items essential?

Stefan: I would recommend every beginner to start with something simple. It could be, for example, buying a float rod or a so-called “stipprute” (whip rod). There are even sets that include a complete setup with a float and bait.

But in general, besides a fishing rod and bait, the following should be in the fishing tackle:

  • Fishing papers are essential
  • A knife, in case I want to prepare a fish
  • A landing net and pliers are also indispensable
  • A measuring tape is essential for me as I always measure my fish
  • A towel to dry my fingers or wipe the fish
  • A bag if you want to take a fish with you

Esbit: And what is the best time of year for fishing?

Stefan: I’m outdoors in all weather. But my preference is for autumn because during this season, predatory fish essentially fatten up for winter. At this time, it’s often lightly cloudy, a bit windy, and the sun shines gently. These conditions are ideal, especially when I want to fish for pike. Also, at night in autumn, it’s great. At the groins here on the Elbe, there’s an opportunity to fish for zander with jigs. Wobblers are also effective.

 Esbit multiplier Stefan from go_outside_official during a break with CLASSIC insulated bottle 500 ml in green

Esbit: And how do you feed yourself during the day at the waterside while fishing? Do you have any tips on what to always have in your fishing tackle?

Stefan: When I’m out during the week, I usually have an energy bar for a small snack. But on weekends, I like to take the time to prepare something warm. For example, I like to use the Esbit titanium pot in combination with the pocket stove with windshield and the corresponding 27 g solid fuel tablets. The combination is particularly practical and perfect for boiling water or heating food. When I go fishing, I make sure to keep my luggage light, and I’m very satisfied with the combination.

Esbit: Thank you very much, Stefan, for sharing your fishing experience! I have one last question: Do you have an ultimate tip for all fishing beginners?

Stefan: Stay patient and always look out for exchanging experiences! When fishing, the first step is finding suitable spots, and that was initially quite time-consuming for me. But I also had to tackle the topic of fishing equipment and test a few fishing rods, baits and hooks initially.

In the beginning, I also found it challenging to avoid snags. My hook kept getting caught, and I had to cast the fishing rod again. But, as they say, “practice makes perfect!” With each cast, your technique improves! Tight lines!

If you want to learn more about Stefan, follow him directly on Instagram or YouTube.