What is behind the Esbit brand name?

Esbit stands for “Erich Schumm solid fuel in tablet form”.

Erich Schumm was a German entrepreneur and inventor of numerous products. He developed our Esbit solid fuel, which is still very popular all over the world, in the early 1930s.

Today Esbit stands for much more than just solid fuel: innovative, useful and high quality outdoor products.

Who is Esbit solid fuel for?

Esbit solid fuel and stoves are suitable for all those who attach great importance to low weight, a particularly small pack size and high reliability on their tours. This is how it works even in freezing temperatures and in higher altitudes. And unlike e.g. When using gas cartridges, only small, easily stowable packaging residues remain after consumption of the solid fuel.

What can I use Esbit solid fuel for?

Esbit solid fuel is primarily used to heat food and beverages or to boil water. But it is also used as a fire starter.

Is Esbit solid fuel toxic?

According to EC Regulation No. 1272/2008, Esbit solid fuel is not classified as a toxic product.

Can I fly with Esbit solid fuel in my luggage?

Carrying Esbit solid fuel in hand luggage is not permitted. Please speak to your airline regarding the regulations for flight baggage. When contacting your airline, you should have the UN number for our solid fuel ready. It reads: 1328

Where are Esbit products made?

The majority of our products are produced by selected partners in China. Our solid fuel is made exclusively in Germany. We also source some other products and components from other European countries.

Do Esbit products contain BPA?

No. All Esbit products are 100% BPA free.