Esbit Product Categories

Esbit has always stood for high-quality outdoor cooking equipment. Our pocket stove and solid fuel were the brand's first products. Over the years, however, other categories have been added that are used to keep food and drinks ready to hand when you’re out and about. They are a useful addition to outdoor equipment, but are also used in everyday life - for example on the way to work or in the city.

These include our drinking and insulated containers made of 18/8 stainless steel. We offer both insulated and lightweight, single-walled bottles that you can easily refill on the go. Our sports bottles are a good choice when you quickly need a refreshment. They are easy to open and are therefore particularly popular for hiking or sports.

We also offer insulated bottles in different sizes and colors. If you're traveling with company, our 1-litre thermo flasks are also interesting, as they conceal a second drinking cup under the lid. This makes it particularly easy to share a hot drink on the go.

If your stomach starts to growl on the go, our insulated thermal containers ensure you always have a snack to hand. Many food jugs have a pressure release button in their closure. What is it for? If you take very hot food with you, negative pressure can build up in the container on the go. You can release this with the pressure release button and simply open the insulated container.

Outdoor enthusiasts still find high-quality camping tableware and cooking sets in our range. This means you can quickly prepare or heat up a meal on the go. In addition to solid fuel cooksets and stoves, our range also includes cooking sets for use with alcohol burner.

You can also find out more about our range on our YouTube channel.