Loop Stopper for PICTOR Drinking Bottles

Color: Black

  • Closure for PICTOR drinking bottles
  • Loop makes it easier to carry, open and close
  • Available as a sports cap or screw cap
  • Also suitable for SCULPTOR drinking bottles
  • Free from BPA and phthalates

Our PICTOR stopper for drinking bottles is suitable for both single-walled and insulated bottles in the design series. You can choose between a screw cap or a sports cap. Both are black and have a loop that allows you to easily carry, open and close the bottle.

The sports version of the PICTOR cap for drinking bottles can be opened simply by pulling up the silicone mouthpiece. It is therefore particularly suitable when quick use is required, for example in the gym or on challenging hikes.

The simple PICTOR cap for drinking bottles, on the other hand, is unscrewed completely to open the bottle. A silicone ring over the thread ensures that the cap is 100 % leak-proof. Another particularly practical feature of the cap is that it is also compatible with the SCULPTOR design series. This gives you an even wider choice of accessories for your Esbit bottle.

If you're not quite sure which cap fits your bottle, you can also use our shopping guide. With just a few clicks, you can get a recommendation on which items will fit. Simply start here.

• Packsize (LxWxH): ca. 7.3 cm x 5.0 cm x 4.4 cm
• Weight: ca. 0.026 kg
• Series: PICTOR
• Item number: ST-DB/IB-PC
• GTIN: 4260149872104

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