You should not really do without it: The titanium knife with polished cutting surface will fold and so can be stored almost anywhere. If unfolded, however, it is a convenient item of cutlery when you are out and about. At just 12g, it hardly takes up any weight even on longer trips.

FK12.5-TI at a glance:

  • Made of titanium, ultralight
  • Polished cutting surface
  • Foldable / size packed reduced

The idea behind FK12.5-TI

Ever since the invention of the Esbit pocket stove, the concept of “small, light and foldable” has been a priority for Esbit. And so we naturally loved the idea of transferring these characteristics over to our cutlery.
But our foldable titanium cutlery doesn’t only have the advantage of very small pack dimensions when folded up and extremely low weight, it is also extremely convenient to use, as can be seen from the depth of the spoon, for example.
All the components, including the handle and the latch plate, are made from titanium, of course. The mouthpieces and cutting surfaces of the knife and the other shiny surfaces are polished with absolute precision. After all, we eat with our eyes too.

And if you also go for our PT750-TI titanium pot, it comes with a mesh bag with two cutlery bags, which are absolutely ideal for our foldable titanium cutlery.

FK12.5-TI Dimensions and weight:

  • Size packed: ~ B 21 x H 102 mm
  • Weight: ~ 12 g

FK12.5-TI Information for commerce:

  • Barcode: 4260149870957
  • Export carton: 50 pieces • 22 x 16 x 15 cm
  • Customs tariff number: 82119100000

Note for commercial customers: The above mentioned dimensions, weights and numbers are estimated figures.