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We’re hungry for adventure tips, new ideas and fresh recipes for the road. You too? For an extra-large portion of it, we get support from six partners this year: Go_outside_official, Mrs.and.mr.fox, Reisehappen, Tegernsee_Kitchen, Vanagonbaloo, Vwcarlchen will be taking us through their everyday lives and into their (outdoor)-kitchens over the next few months. We are looking forward to expert tips and being a part of it.

And who stands behind the accounts? We asked our new Esbit faces a few questions.

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The two vanlife accounts Vanagonbaloo and Vwcarlchen provide a large portion of wanderlust – whether across Europe or with a short trip to the green countryside.

With two Bullis, Max and Steffi from Vanagonbaloo enjoy the one or the other adventure. The two have been active on Instagram since 2018 and share with their community the ups and downs that come with converting and traveling with a Volkswagen T3 Camper and T3 Syncro 16”. “We do 99 % of all the work ourselves: Body work, painting, the mechanics and electronics, as well as the carpentry for the interior. Our followers can expect a good mix of travel and DIY content,” Max tells us.

What you can look forward to in particular: the two are starting a longer trip this summer and will take you with them on their Account. “We came to vanlife unconsciously, when we traveled in 2014 with a normal car with mattress in the back, six months through New Zealand – completely without camping equipment like chairs, table or on-board electronics, extra low-budget,” Max continues, “We liked that so much that we always had wanderlust and finally restored the van from family property.” We are excited and look forward to the stories!

You will recognize Chris and Laura from Vwcarlchen immediately: most of the time they are on the road with their bamboo-yellow VW Bulli from 1987. Together with their Australian Shepherd Leo they enjoy nature – whether in the van, hiking or on their next adventure. The two completely converted the van themselves: “What started out as a dream car has steadily developed into my own life project: Carlchen. It took about two years for the complete interior conversion, right up to the iconic camper. Today we can say, we have designed our personal dream-camper, in the form of a great van”.

Chris also told us about his personal travel highlight: “I will never forget our 3-week road trip through Slovenia! Incredible beautiful country, with breathtaking nature and super nice people! Easy to explore by van – try it out!” And this much we can reveal: There are a few more tours planned for this year.


Classically, you will also find our equipment on outdoor tours. Cooksets with alcohol burner or solid fuel cooksets, Esbit cookware and our pocket stoves allow you to cook and prepare food on the go. Stefan from Go_outside_official and Daniel and Marlene with their son Leon from Mrs.and.mr.fox show us how this can look like.

Stefan from Go_outside_official is an outdoor enthusiast through and through. On his Instagram account, he takes you to green forests and cool streams. “I discovered my love for nature through my grandpa. He had a beautiful forest where we spent a lot of time together,” Stefan recalls. Today, he shares his bushcrafting adventures, outdoor recipes and fishing trips on his profile.

“For me, the exchange with other accounts and outdoor fans on Instagram is great. I like to share my experiences and tips and tricks,” Stefan explains. If you want to enjoy the full outdoor program and engage in dialogues with an active community, follow Stefan on Instagram.

With Daniel and Marlene and their son Leon from Mrs.and.mr.fox it is quite similar: they love nature and especially the mountains. The three of them spend a lot of time in nature and being active: “For us, the mountains and nature are like freedom and create an inner balance. There is no hustle and bustle here, you tend to live into the day. At the same time, nature for us is like a feeling that you become addicted to.”

What we like best about it? We get wanderlust! Every adventure looks breathtaking and leaves us wanting more. The three of them spend just about every weekend in the mountains enjoying being outside. To make the tours doable even with a child, they like to prepare something to eat on the go or take something tasty from home: “We like to buy regional products. That way we support local producers, get fresh food, and always have something different on our plates on tours.”


With Nina from Reisehappen and Anya from Tegernsee_Kitchen it gets especially delicious! The two share recipes and travel inspo on their Instagram accounts and blogs.

Nina whets our appetite for the next trip with her blog and Instagram account Reisehappen. On her blog, you’ll find “honest and authentic travel stories and lots and lots of tips for small micro adventures on your doorstep, but also destinations on the other side of the world.” Nina enchanted us with a very special journey: a trip on a container ship from Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands – the most isolated islands in the world. But her short trips also make us want more. This year she is planning a slightly different travel guide – it’s worth following!

Best of all, Nina shares recipes and ingredients she discovers on her travels. It is especially important to Nina to use regional and seasonal products: “In my kitchen there are no ready-made products, what comes on my table is homemade and free of additives.” How it tastes? Check out her blog and try it out!

Anya from Tegernsee_Kitchen is all about good food. For several years, Anya and her family have been putting mainly seasonal and regional foods on the dining table: “I share kitchen inspirations – freshly prepared, mostly regional and seasonal, vegetarian. There are also recipes, but the main point is to show how you can prepare dishes with few ingredients, regularly fresh and with a few tricks. Also, I share recipes that are a bit different from the norm – an ode to the kitchen and motivation to cook itself.” We had to grin when she revealed her favorite food: Ice cream and popcorn. Maybe she’ll share an ice cream recipe with us? Preferably for on the go, so you can enjoy the ice cream insulated in the MAJORIS food jug on your next tour.

But you’ll also find some travel tips on her account: “I’m lucky enough to have already seen a lot of the world – a trip through that little bit of rainforest in Ghana, a visit to Angkor Wat by bike, the train ride to Machu Picchu.” But Anya shows on her blog that great adventures are also waiting just around the corner. We are already looking forward to especially delicious (outdoor)-recipes and lots of inspiration.

Stay up to date and follow our #TeamEsbit on Instagram. And don’t forget: Nina (Reisehappen) and Anya (Tegernsee_kitchen) also share great stories on their blogs.

If you want to get inspired right now, check out our latest blog posts or our Instagram account.

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