Solid fuel 001 121 00 SOLID FUEL TABLETS 6 X 14G


001 121 00


Reliability and versatility are essential – especially outdoors.

That’s why solid fuel tablets should be part of your equipment. It goes without saying that they cannot be only used for heating up meals and beverages, but also for starting a charcoal BBQ and campfire.

6 tablets, 14 g each, packed waterproof and with a combustion time of about 12 minutes.

001 121 00 at a glance:

  • Works at high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures
  • No visible smoke formation
  • Almost no combustion residues
  • Variety of uses: for cooking and heating up meals and beverages, or for starting a charcoal BBQ or campfire
  • 6 tablets, about 14 g each, packed waterproof
  • Combustion time about 12 minutes

The idea behind 001 121 00

The history of Esbit solid fuel proves that great things are often created by accident. In the 1930s, a friend of Mr. Schumm, the inventor of our solid fuel, had accidentally swallowed a toxic fuel cube, thinking that it was candy. It made him feel ill and he had terrible stomach pains. Mr. Schumm, who was a real inventive genius in all sorts of areas, then wanted to develop a solid but nontoxic fuel. In 1936, the Esbit brand (Erich Schumm Brennstoff in Tablettenform / Erich Schumm Fuel in Tablet Form) was officially registered. This marked the start of a success story and a journey around the world that continues today.

PS. Naturally, we nonetheless strongly advise you not to eat Esbit solid fuel tablets.

001 121 00 Dimensions and weight:

  • Size packed: ~ L 79 x B 70 x H 16 mm
  • Weight: ~ 185 g

001 121 00 Information for commerce:

  • Barcode: 4021684011218
  • Export carton: 300 pieces • 53 x 35 x 28,5 cm (30 packs in a display carton)
  • Gross weight: 29 kg
  • Customs tariff number: 3606909000

Note for commercial customers: The above mentioned dimensions, weights and numbers are estimated figures.