It’s storming outside, it’s gray and raining. Does this sound like the perfect day at home to you? We feel you! But wait, bad weather days are just perfect for leaving your four walls and setting off on an adventure in nature. We have put together 4 outdoor activities for you that are especially fun when it rains.

The best thing about bad weather is that the world is mostly yours alone, as most prefer to stay at home. Otherwise busy parks, beaches, viewpoints or other popular places are often deserted.
Perfect to enjoy the beauty of nature in peace: from small streams to raging rivers, from a gentle lapping of the sea to raging waves, from a gentle breeze to a sweeping gust of wind – countless adventures await you.
And by the way, you are also doing something good for your health – fresh air is a blessing for your heating air-dried and stressed mucous membranes, especially in autumn and winter, the movement stimulates your blood circulation and thus strengthens the immune system. Sounds good doesn’t it? But what is the best thing to do now all alone in the rain?

1. Relax and catch the special mood

As soon as the gray clouds appear in the sky and the rain sets in, the mood in nature also changes. The wind provides a rough feeling, moisture and fog a portion of mysticism, lightning and thunder the perfect background noise and isolated sunbeams intense bright spots. So pack yourself well, find a safe place and let yourself be carried away by this spectacle – you will see how your everyday worries and problems pass by and you arrive at the moment.

2. Do some Yoga

Practicing yoga in the rain with my yoga mat – no thanks ?! That could be your thoughts… But stop, you don’t need a mat and other stuff. We recommend Pranayama Yoga to you. This is a form of yoga which puts the focus on training inhalation and exhalation. Your body absorbs more oxygen, the excretion via the lungs is supported, body and mind are revitalized. And the best thing about wind and rain is that the air is even a little bit fresher. If you love the smell of fresh rain as much as we do, this type of yoga is your perfect outdoor “adventure”.

3. Look through…

…the binoculars! The less people are around in many places in the rain, the greater the likelihood that you will encounter many animals. They come out of their hiding places and also enjoy the calm in the storm. So it may well be that you have particularly good chances in the forest to capture rare animal experiences up close. Of course, you should always respect the habitat of the animals and move around in areas that are safe for you, e.g. viewpoints.

4. Become a child again

Do you remember how much fun you had as a child, hopping in the biggest puddles, or pushing the mud between your barefoot toes? Yes? What are you waiting for? Wellington boots on or even better off and enjoy! 🙂

Last but not least, a few tips on equipment:

You should make sure that you wear the right clothes, especially on longer trips, so that you stay warm and dry. To be always well warmed from the inside, we also recommend that you have a hot drink or meal with you, of course practically transported in one of our vacuum flasks or food jugs. You know, they’re so light, they don’t interfere with puddle jumping.

Text: Julia Kunze
Picture: Gabe Rodriguez, Unsplash

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