Esbit solid fuel – Made To Survive

The Original.

Esbit Solid Fuel.
Made To Survive.

The Original

No matter if you are spending the night under the stars or at home with a cozy evening in front of the fireplace: fire provides warmth and light. It gives us security when we spend the night in the great outdoors and enables us to prepare hot meals.

All of this has become even easier since 1936: This year Esbit presented the original solid fuel in tablet form, “made in Germany”. Ideal for quickly and easily lighting a campfire on the go, for cooking or for heating meals and drinks. Or even to light the grill comfortably.

A true lightweight

Our Esbit solid fuel is a real lightweight and compact in size. This makes it not only an indispensable companion for tours through nature and for camping – but is ideally suited for your emergency kit at home, in the car or boat.

The solid fuel tablets are easy to use, burn cleanly and leave hardly any combustion residues. They generate intense heat and work even at high altitudes and at sub-zero temperatures. The solid fuel tablets are available in different sizes and packed waterproof.

The perfect fit. Extremely reliable.

They can be used with a variety of different Esbit products such as stoves or cooksets. In combination with the Esbit pocket stove, the solid fuel tablets show their full strength. After all, our pocket stove were specially developed for the solid fuel: This has the perfect fit so that it can be conveniently stowed and transported in any Esbit pocket stove.

The pocket stoves are made of electrolytically galvanized steel and are therefore light and, thanks to their handy pocket format, small enough to be stowed away easily – so they can be taken anywhere. Yet they are extremely robust and reliable. The stoves are available in different sizes and can be folded in several stages.

Set up in a few seconds, all of them are suitable for use with pots, mugs and pans.

Product benefits

  • Variety of uses: For cooking and heating up meals and beverages, or for starting a charcoal BBQ or campfire
  • Works reliable also at temperatures below 0°C and in high altitudes
  • Ignites with match or lighter
  • Non-explosive, no sparks
  • No liquefaction during the burning process
  • No visible smoke
  • When properly stored, Esbit solid fuel maintains its full functionality for many years

burning time*


5 MIN.


7 MIN.


12 MIN.


15 MIN.

*Depending on stove and environment conditions

Solid Fuel Sizes

4g tablet

5g tablet

14g tablet

27g tablet

Questions and answers about Esbit solid fuel

Who is Esbit solid fuel for?

Esbit solid fuel and stoves are suitable for all those who attach great importance to low weight, a particularly small pack size and high reliability on their tours. This is how it works even in freezing temperatures and in higher altitudes. And unlike e.g. When using gas cartridges, only small, easily stowable packaging residues remain after consumption of the solid fuel.

What can I use Esbit solid fuel for?

Esbit solid fuel is primarily used to heat food and beverages or to boil water. But it is also used as a fire starter.

Is Esbit solid fuel toxic?

According to EC Regulation No. 1272/2008, Esbit solid fuel is not classified as a toxic product.

Can I fly with Esbit solid fuel in my luggage?

Carrying Esbit solid fuel in hand luggage is not permitted. Please speak to your airline regarding the regulations for flight baggage. When contacting your airline, you should have the UN number for our solid fuel ready. It reads: 1328

Where is Esbit solid fuel made?

Esbit solid fuel is made exclusively in Germany.