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The perfect choice

Whether you feel a small or a big appetite: it is simply pleasant and practical to have something to eat with you at this moment. Sometimes a small snack is enough, but often it can be a little more. A ready meal “to go” is rarely the perfect choice here. To have sufficient power for the day, the body needs a full meal.

With Esbit’s food jugs you are well prepared for the day.

They give you the opportunity to make your favourite food at home and take it with you in your own insulated container.

Enjoy on the go

The Esbit food jugs are ideal for on-the-go, such as adventurous tours through nature, challenging day trips, relaxed camping holidays, work, university or school – but they can also be well used at home.

Taking your self-prepared food with you is of course not only tastier and healthier since you don’t have to fall back on fast food. It is also more sustainable as there is no more packaging waste.

Keep hot meals hot for longer,

Keep cold meals cold for longer

Whether it is tasty pasta or fresh salads, healthy bowls or hearty stews.

Thanks to the reliable insulation technology, the food jugs keep your hot meals warm and cold food refreshingly cool for longer. For example, you can carry along ice cubes for your drinks or keep your fruits fresh and cool. This is particularly handy for little gourmets.

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Five different design series ...

Esbit offers you a wide selection of food jugs - in innovative designs, different sizes for every type of hunger and every desired "snack size".


2 colors in 3 sizes


7 colors in 3 sizes

Series SCULPTOR with silicon sleeve

2 colors in 1 size


2 colors in 2 sizes

Series MAJORIS with pressure release button

4 colors in 3 sizes

... with well thought-out functionalities.

Pressure release button

A special feature of most of our stainless steel food jugs is the pressure release button. Thanks to this button, the lid can be opened easily at any time. Even if a vacuum has built up, simply press the button and the vacuum escapes. This is helpful and secure, especially with hot food.

Reliable insulation technology

The robust, double-walled Esbit food jugs made of stainless steel were developed to keep meals hot - or cold - for a particularly long time with their reliable insulation technology.

Esbit MAJORIS food jug in stainless steel 800 ml with closure and lid


The closures of the Esbit thermal containers are 100% leak-proof.

Esbit MAJORIS food jug in stainless steel 600 ml from top

Large opening

The large opening is perfect for easy filling and cleaning of the food jugs as well as for convenient eating.

Lid can be used as bowl

Practical for all Esbit food jugs with lid: This can also be used as a bowl, so that you don't need any additional dishes or you can share your meal with your companion.

Esbit MAJORIS food jug in stainless steel 600 ml with closure and lid

Protection Pad

A real plus for all Esbit MAJORIS food jugs: The non-slip protection pad for good stability and protection of container and standing surface

Esbit MAJORIS food jug in stainless steel 600 ml from bottom

Made to survive

The use of high-quality stainless steel makes the Esbit food jugs particularly robust and resistant at all times. It goes without saying that Esbit food jugs are free of harmful substances such as BPA and phthalates and have a neutral taste.

The right size for everyone!

Esbit food jugs are available in the following sizes 400ML, 500ML, 550ML, 600ML, 750ML, 800ML and 1000ML.

Find the right food jug in just a few steps

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You have the choice between many different colors, sizes and different functionalities.

The Esbit food jugs are not only ideal for on-the-go, such as adventurous tours through nature, day trips, relaxed camping holidays, but are also suitable for work, university or school.

In order to make the decision easier for you, we have put together a few questions on the following pages that will lead you to a selection of possible food jugs in just a few steps.

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