Cooksets with Alcohol Burner CS985H-EX COOKSET WITH ALCOHOL BURNER




This compact, light cookset is unique and especially efficient due to its heat exchanger. Meals can be prepared much faster and with lower energy consumption.

The set consists of a brass burner and a pot with folding stainless steel handles, stand and lid. The stand can be transported in the pot to save space. The folding handle on the flame regulator allows for easy killing of the flame.

CS985H-EX at a glance:

  • Made of extremely light, hard anodised aluminum
  • Compact cookset
  • Highly efficient due to heat exchanger
  • Flame regulator of the burner with folding handle for convenient killing of the flame
  • Set can be stacked into each other
  • With convenient meshbag

The idea behind CS985H-EX

We developed this set with its low weight and small pack size for all those who want to have a small, compact cookset with alcohol burner – but who sometimes don’t want to cook just for themselves. The heat exchanger at the pot is what makes the difference here. It means that this model is particularly powerful, since, for example, water boils faster and less alcohol is used. The stand and the alcohol burner can easily be stored in the large pot to save space. And to make sure that it’s easy to put out the flame after cooking, this set too is fitted with our flame regulator with fold-away handle.

CS985H-EX Dimensions and weight:

  • Size packed: ~ 125 mm x Ø 125 mm
  • Weight: ~ 310 g
  • Volume: ~ 950 ml

CS985H-EX Information for commerce:

  • Barcode: 4260149870780
  • Export carton: 12 pieces • 41 x 28 x 32 cm
  • Gross weight: 6,6 kg
  • Customs tariff number: 76151080900

Note for commercial customers: The above mentioned dimensions, weights and numbers are estimated figures.