Charcoal Grills ST300S BBQ STAND FOR BBQ300S




Grilling is a successful combination of enjoyment and adventure. A little comfort during this original outdoor experience is no contradiction, however.

The stainless steel stand for BBQ300S is the best proof of this. It provides a comfortable working height of about 61 cm (including charcoal grill), with a tray for storage.

The legs can be screwed in and removed easily, the nylon screw-bag includes four thumb screws (+1 spare). The nylon bag with zip fastener can be stored easily inside the charcoal BBQ.

ST300S at a glance:

  • Easy handling for maximum comfort
  • Can be stored inside BBQ300S
  • Practical tray
  • High-quality nylon bag with zip fastener

The idea behind ST300S

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about our BBQ300S fold-away grill and heard from some of our customers that it would be great if they could use it on their balcony, too. If, oh if only, it had a stand. In addition, it’s also been pointed out to us that some municipal parks require barbecues to be of a certain minimum height. Other people, in turn, would simply appreciate the convenience of a stand for their fold-away grill. We therefore had to come up with a stand. Of course, we developed one that could easily be stored in the grill. And the integrated shelf? This practical detail was also pointed out by an Esbit customer.

ST300S Dimensions and weight:

  • Size built-up: ~ L 300 x W 225 x H 280 cm (without charcoal grill)
  • Weight: ~ 785 g

ST300S Information for commerce:

  • Barcode: 4260149871169
  • Export carton: 12 pieces • 30,5 x 28,5 x 47 cm
  • Gross weight: 11,5 kg
  • Customs tariff number: 73239400000

Note for commercial customers: The above mentioned dimensions, weights and numbers are estimated figures.